Rumble Capital Presents
Dump Trump
Rumble, Rumble, Rumble

A social game app that helps secure the votes needed to beat Donald Trump in 2020.

Dump Trump: The Game - A social game app to secure votes needed to beat Trump. | Product Hunt

Never Forget

He took away our healthcare, then when the pandemic hit, he left us out to dry.

How it Works

Beat Trump, Have unlimited Fun


Tell the community why Trump shouldnt be elected. You receive points for each post that you make and alsoe each like of your posts.

Get the word out

Share with friends. You receive points for each new vote you bring to the app.


We protect your anonymity with anonymous login option and use of usernames. Feel free to delete your account at anytime.

Beast Mode!

Put the team on your back. Check the scoreboard to see who's doing the most to remove the most corrupt president in history.